Importing your ME1 Shep’s face into ME3

If your ME2 save game doesn’t have a face code, you’ll have to recreate your Shepard’s face in ME3. That’s the only thing that will be affected, everything else (plot, background, etc…) will be imported. This has been comfirmed by one of game devs.

Which saved games don’t have a face code?

  1. New Game+ saves
  2. Games which have an imported Shepard’s face from ME1

1. - New Game+ saves aren’t a problem as long as you created/edited your Shep’s face in your first run. Load up your first run for the face code.

2. - Some people may have a face code even though they imported thier Shep’s face. It’s sort of a bug: If you import your ME1 save, select the customise face option , then back out and choose to import your ME1 Shepard’s face instead, you will end up with a face code. The face code is for the customised Shep that you started to make, not your imported ME1 Shep.

Luckily, Janus Prosperoon on the BSN has written a guide (which I’ve slightly edited) on how to get a face code for your ME1 -> ME2 Sheps:

X-Box users start at Step 1, PC users start at Step 5.

1) Format a USB flash drive in your Xbox.
2) Start up ME2 and create a new game by importing your ME1 Shep.
3) Go through the intro and when you wake up in Lazarus Base, save you game on the flash drive (or move it there later).
3) Back to your PC, pop in the flash drive and download Modio.
4) Using Modio, open up the save game file on the flash drive and export the .xbsav file to your hard drive.

5) Go to the ME2 Save Editor, register, and upload your .xbsav /.pcsav file.
6) Click on the My Saves Tab, then the Morph Head button, then export the YAML file.
7) Go to the Mass Effect Tools upload page (Femshep, Manshep), give your Shepard file a name and upload your YAML file there.
8) Go to the Mass Effect Tools code generation page (Femshep, Manshep}, enter the name you entered in Step 7 and the site will give you a list of all character creation slider tick settings (far left = 1).

Now, the extract doesn’t give you Complexion, Scars, Eye Color, Nose Shape, Hair Style, Brow Color, or Makeup for various reasons. But you can easily determine those by doing some comparisons with your imported Shep and a fresh one you’ve created. Nose shape was probably the hardest one. I had to take pics with my phone and compare them.

The original instructions had a different set of steps for Mansheps, I think because there may not have been a face code generator for them at that time. The one that I linked to hasn’t been fully tested yet, so your Mansheps may turn out not so great.

If you wish to convert your Shep’s face directly from the raw data, you’ll need Gibbed’s Save Editor and this post by bluefall on lj, which has all the calculations you’ll need to do.

Nothing is complete without images, so here we go: The top row is Janus Prosperoon’s Shepard that he posted at BSN, the other 2 are mine.

Not the best, but Janus Prosperoon did mention that the character creation screen isn’t very flattering and that his Shep looks a lot better and more themself in game, which I agree with (also my ME2 sheps were nabbed from the squad screen, which is why they look more animated. because fuck sitting through that long ass intro again. twice.).

It’s also been mentioned before that the art assets for the faces have been tweaked/changed, so even if you have a face code, your Shep may not look exactly as they did in ME2. But at least we can tweak the imported faces without having to recreate them completely from scratch this time. =)

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