Mass Effect 3 Epilogue Comic.  Fanart Friday.  Pencil, photoshop.

(Warning for Spoilers and Yuko Bein’ A Huge Nerd) Oh dang, it happened.  Magnolia and I might’ve made a pact a while back to do some seriously heartfelt ME3 comics.  I’ve been going back and forth over whether or not to post this thing.  Guess it’s too late now!  You all know my terrible fan-comic secret.

I’m gonna nerd for a bit here, feel free to zone out.  After reading the Shadow Broker dossier on Garrus — about his natural leadership abilities being overshadowed by Shepard — I was actually surprised to see him as a squad member in ME3 and not already traipsing around with his own band of ducklings.  And lacking a formal XO on the Normandy in ME3, it felt as though Garrus informally took that role. His taking command of the Normandy (a ship with both Human and Turian origins) kind of seems natural to me.

And man, Liara.  After seeing her full arc over the series, I’ve come to really love her and what she represents.  Originally being historian and archaeologist from a ridiculously long-lived race on TOP of being literally the only character who can’t somehow die by the end of the series, Liara becomes this living time-capsule.  She becomes the embodiment of the trinity of past, present and future.  It’s fascinating.

I tried to make the language and imagery vague enough apply to anyone’s Shepard with any love interest and any ending— unless, y’know, Garrus died in ME2.  A-anyway, this was partially inspired by Marian Churchland’s beautiful ME3 comic (which can be found here if you scroll down a bit).  She’s tops.

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